What We Do?

We are an expert team of Clinical Operations and Clinical Reimbursement Consultants helping nursing homes deliver the highest level of care and services. We oversee and manage clinical outcomes and improve quality measures with patient care standards, all in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Clinical Operations Systems
and Compliance

  • Clinical Systems Evaluation
  • Staffing Assessment and Analysis
  • Department-Specific Consultation
  • Management and Supervisor Education & Training
  • Director of Nursing Training Mentoring
  • Skill-Building for Nursing Middle Management

Nursing Home Acquisitions and Divestitures

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Five-Star Review and Improvement

Physician Services Reviews

  • Infection Control
  • Wound Care/Pressure Ulcer Care and Prevention
  • Pain Management
  • Medication Management
  • Dementia/Behavior Management
  • Bowel and Bladder Management
  • Falls Prevention
  • Restraint Reduction
  • Reduce Unnecessary Re-Admissions
  • Weight Management and Hydration
  • Unsafe Resident Wandering and Elopement Prevention
  • Restorative Nursing Programs
  • Ventilator/Respiratory Programs

  • Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) Mock Surveys
  • On-Site Assistance During Survey
  • Plan of Correction Development and Implementation and Monitoring
  • Managing the Survey Process and Survey Trends
  • Immediate Jeopardy Assistance and Monitoring
  • Special Focus Facilities (SFF) Management

  • Facility-Wide Risk Assessment
  • Loss Prevention and Exposure Reduction Planning
  • High-Risk Areas Program Development
  • Strategic and Proactive Event Management
  • Rapid Response System Integration

  • EHR Platform Transitions (Pharmacy, New ownership, etc)
  • Health Information Technology (HIT)
  • Medical Record and Documentation Review
  • Clinical Compliance Reviews and Monitoring
  • Physician Services Reviews

Policies and Procedures Development and Implementation

Clinical Reimbursement and
Revenue Optimization

  • Ensure Accurate MDS Assessments
  • ADL Scoring Accuracy
  • Off-Site and On-Site Support and Training for MDS, PDPM, Case Mix, and Medicare
  • Training, Tools and Support
  • MDS/RAI/ADL Process Improvement
  • PDPM Scheduling, OBRA Scheduling and ARD Process Review
  • Enabling Backup Documentation to Support Your PDPM/RUG Scores
  • Audits of Documentation to Ensure Proper Billing
  • Case Mix and Reimbursement Review
  • Training and Education for RNAC/ LNAC Back-up

PDPM Financial Impact Analysis

  • Medicare Compliance and Process Improvement
  • Customized Training for Facility Leaders, Clinicians, MDS Team and Billing Staff
  • Quality Measures and Five-Star Performance Review
  • Restorative Program
  • Medicaid Reform and Case Management
  • Care Transitions (ACO, Safe Transfer, Advanced Care Planning)

  • RUG/Medicaid Case Mix/PEPPER Analysis and Performance Improvement
  • Assisting in MDS Nurse Coordinator Hiring
  • SNF Quality Measurement Analysis
  • Evaluation of Documentation Systems to Measure Compliance

SNF QRP Value Based Purchasing Impact Analysis

  • Denied Claims Assistance
  • RAC/ZPIC/CERT Assistance